Parent and Patient Testimonials

Following ARIA (lazy ear treatment)

Jerry, age 64

“As an adult, there are very few options for help with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). Before discovering the Auditory Processing Center, I had seen several doctors, neurologists, and specialists who were reluctant to discuss my sensory issues and triggers of sound, light, and motion. Most told me that I should talk to a psychiatrist. As I tried to manage my sensory triggers on my own, I felt vulnerable and sometimes exiled from experiencing the joys of life with my family and friends.

After an exhausting online search, I stumbled across the Auditory Processing Center’s website and was pleased with how easy it was to get an appointment. Moreover, it was refreshing to be able to finally discuss my issues with someone who understood.

Alicia’s evaluation revealed that I was suffering with Amblyaudia (lazy ear) where one side of the brain suppresses auditory input to the opposite side. After just 4 weeks of Auditory Rehabilitation for Interaural Asymmetry (ARIA) therapy along with at home Safe and Sound Protocol Listening therapy, my scoring improved from Severe Deficit to Improved Mild Deficit to, in some areas, Normal. The bottom line is that my mental stamina has greatly improved, and I can now begin to enjoy life once again without fear.”

Blake, age 20

It worked wonders. On day one, I could tell a difference. I immediately noticed that I was better able to focus my attention. I noticed a difference in my classroom when I was trying to listen to the teacher and better able to take notes. It also helped me with my memory retrieval.”

Mother of Rivers, age 7

It has been a major difference. Her reading comprehension has really improved. She was making 40’s to 60’s last year in Language Arts and now she is making A’s, even many 100’s.”

Father of Brianna, age 16

We knew our 16 year old daughter had some auditory processing issues after having her tested in Oklahoma City but no solid solutions or treatments were available. My wife did tons of research and found only 3 centers in the U.S. that offered some new protocols for lazy ear treatment; the closest to us was Auditory Processing Center in Clinton, MS (a 10 hour drive). The results after one treatment a week for 4 weeks were tremendous.” (Her scores improved from very poor to normal on four different dichotic tests!)

Graham, age 9

“It is easier to hear my teacher and remember what I read. I can also take notes while watching a video at school and remember math facts.”

Mother of Lyndi, age 7

Lyndi is improving with her reading and is MUCH more confident with school. I see a much happier child at school! Thank you sooo much!!”

Mother of Drew, age 6

We have seen unbelievable progress made after his treatment and the progress continues. His teacher is amazed at how far he has come since beginning the class. When we first started school she was not sure that he would be able to transition into a regular classroom, but now she is certain that he will do well.”

Following Services at Auditory Processing Center

Mother of Kristina, age 10

“We were happy, indeed felt fortunate, to drive over four hours weekly for our daughter’s therapy. Our daughter has already reaped the benefits of this care many times over and we expect this to continue far into her future.”

Mother of Cooper, age 6

“I have been amazed at the progress in his spelling test grades. Since starting therapy and using his ‘spy ears’ (remote microphone system) in class he can hear every sound the teacher says. His spelling test grades have gone from a 26, to a 46, to a 72, to a 92 within just a few weeks! We have been blessed to find out the problem and see such quick results.

Mother of Wesley, age 5 – with high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

“Walking into the Auditory Processing Center for the first time, I was a bundle of nerves. Alicia immediately placed my mind at ease. She was thorough and very informative. Wesley was led through a series of tests, over the course of a few hours. By the end of the day, we had answers and a direction toward treatment! The treatment plan was custom designed for his specific needs. This whole process has given me knowledge and confidence to help him in his daily routine… Today, Wesley is a thriving first grader. His APD is still a big part of our lives, but now we have game plan to take the power away from this scary sounding disorder.”

Mother of Reid, age 16

“The relief a Mama feels when you search for years to try and figure out what these deficits are, exactly, all the while, your child is struggling in school! As his Mom, I knew in my heart that he had been misdiagnosed, that he wasn’t dyslexic nor ADHD… I am thanking God for you and this center. I am sure that He has used you as an instrument many times through your work. Your work is personal, it touches lives, and can change lives. May God use you for His glory! Thank you again, more than you know!”

Mother of Marley, age 10

“Auditory Processing Center has given my family such wonderful help and assistance since my son’s auditory processing diagnosis, they have turned worry and anxiety for his future into knowing he’ll succeed; I don’t think a parent can ask for more than that.”

Mother of Ace, age 9

This place is wonderful. Alicia Swann really knows her stuff and is passionate about helping those who suffer with this disorder.

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