Dichotic Listening Therapy

Dichotic listening therapy

Poor performance on tasks of dichotic listening (where the two ears compete against each other) is a very common type of APD. However, the pattern of weaknesses on these tests varies considerably across individuals and must be considered when recommending the most appropriate treatment, Auditory Processing Center offers several treatment programs along with our own material and auditory training program. We strongly feel that there is not one intervention program that is appropriate for all individuals with weaknesses in dichotic listening. For example, some individuals show a consistent weakness in one ear only across tests, others show equal weakness in both ears, some have poor performance in each ear in addition to a significant weakness in one ear, and some exhibit consistent difficulty but have varied performance in which ear performs best across tests. In addition, some individuals with APD may need dichotic listening therapy to retrain the brain to divide attention between both ears to process binaural input effectively, others may need therapy to effectively direct attention to one ear, and many need a combination of both.

Dichotic listening therapy sessions at Auditory Processing Center are individualized based on each child’s profile. In addition, because we see individuals from all over, we also offer home based treatment programs and computer/mobile device treatment options that allow treatment to be administered at home and monitored remotely.

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