Thorough Diagnostic APD Evaluations

Auditory Processing Center specializes in diagnostic evaluations and treatment of Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) for children and adults. Comprehensive auditory processing evaluations are performed in-clinic or we also offer virtual auditory processing evaluations by telepractice / telehealth.  Our thorough APD assessments yield a unique profile that outlines each individual’s auditory strengths and weaknesses. Individualized treatment/therapy programs are then prescribed. Our reports are very thorough (typically 25 pages).  We consider the whole child and provide detailed, individualized recommendations for treatment, along with teaching strategies, curriculum suggestions, recommendations for homeschooling children with auditory processing disorder, classroom accommodations, and accommodations for home. Our expertise enables us to provide the very best services to help individuals overcome the processing deficits that interfere with comprehension and communication to enhance learning and academic performance.

APD Therapy

Auditory Processing Center customizes auditory processing therapy for each individual to treat his/her profile of auditory processing deficits. We offer a wide variety of treatment programs for both children and adults as well as online and virtual APD services. Providing deficit specific therapy for auditory processing disorder enables us to help individuals with APD reach their full potential. The type, frequency, and intensity of therapy will vary based on the specific type(s) of auditory processing issues identified.


Auditory Processing Center offers consultations that help you understand your child’s specific type(s) of APD and what can be done to help your child.  We provide consultations nationwide for children and adults evaluated at other clinics needing specific recommendations for intervention.

Hearing Assistive Technology

We offer the most advanced hearing assistive technology, Roger Focus remote microphone systems, that are designed for individuals with normal hearing. Roger Focus is a digital remote microphone system that wirelessly brings the teacher’s voice directly to tiny, discreet earpieces worn by the child.  Digital remote microphone systems provide much better sound quality than older technology known as FM systems, which used Frequency Modulation. Roger Focus provides immediate hearing and learning assistance by improving the clarity of the teacher’s voice and reducing distracting background noise.  These remote microphone systems are also beneficial for adults with normal hearing sensitivity who have difficulty hearing in background noise, and problems participating in small meetings. When placed on a table, the fully automatic directional microphones discreetly and automatically select the person who is talking and seamlessly switch from one talker to another. When multiple conversations take place, the listener can manually select whom to listen to.   This allows the listener to fully engage in the conversation when background noise is present and reduces fatigue and frustration from trying to keep up with ongoing speech. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia devices (i.e.  T.V.).

Auditory Training for Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Users

Auditory Processing Center also provides aural (re)habilitation for hearing aid and cochlear implant users. We provide individualized therapy for children to facilitate listening and spoken language development and also provide auditory training for adults.

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