What to Expect

Because children with APD vary in their difficulties and many symptoms of APD often overlap with other disorders, it is important to have a full evaluation by an audiologist who has received specialized training in the evaluation of central auditory function in order to receive an accurate diagnosis.

Formal diagnosis of APD is accomplished through the administration of a battery of challenging tests designed to stress the auditory system. Results in each area are compared to the performance of thousands of other children who have undergone the same assessments to determine your child’s individual profile of auditory processing strengths and weaknesses.

Auditory processing disorder evaluations are typically scheduled early in the morning since this is when most people tend to be able to focus best and give their best performance. You will need to allow a minimum of 3 to 4 hours for a full APD evaluation followed by a counseling session about the test results and recommendations. A detailed report of the findings and appropriate recommendations is then generated. The amount of time needed and the cost of the evaluation will vary depending on the age of your child, the concerns and symptoms reported, how well your child does on each test, and any previous testing already administered that can be combined with the test battery.

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